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It Tastes of Chicken!

I’m really torn by this report in Time Magazine. It’s an article about a new process to create fake chicken out of soy protein powder. According to the article the process involves mixing soy protein powder, wheat flour and water. It’s then processed at a particular temperature and viola, goop that has the texture of […]

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“Rue-Not” Reuben

This is an offbeat take on the classic Rueben sandwich. It’s vegetarian and healthy, but don’t let that stop you. Those paying attention will see some similarities with an earlier sandwich. I keep telling you, experiment!

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“Dark Delight” Sandwich – Gregor’s Pub

Recipe time kids! Today it’s a vegetarian sandwich that was inspired by Whole Earth, a little vegetarian place back in Columbus, OH. I’ve used a different spread and changed some of the ingredients, but at it’s heart it’s a “Deb’s on Black.” Simple but oh so tasty. Enjoy. Shopping list – for a couple of […]

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