Home is the Heart

Odd thing tonight. Something I’ve struggled with since I was kid, was answered in an episode of NCIS:LA when a character spoke the “Home is the Heart” line. I’ve lived in a lot of places, but I’ve never really felt what I thought was true home sickness. Why is that? Well, it’s because I’ve subconsciously never felt that home is where the heart is, rather that home is the heart. I carry “home” with me all the time.

I remember when my friend Steve Szili and I used to wear our underwear on the outside and pretend we were Batman and Robin.

I remember sleeping in a bus with my best friend Laura after going downtown so she could get ski clothes.

I remember the look on my friend Suzanne’s face when I told her the top of my car was a moon roof, so we couldn’t take it off during the day.

I remember meeting my friend Joe in boot camp, mohawk and all.

I remember the feeling I had when the boat I was on was sinking past test depth.

I remember crying, like I’ve never cried before, when my son Marc was born and had to be taken to ICU. I learned what unconditional love truly was that day.

I remember when my son Jacob was born and looking at him thinking that he was really going to make a name for himself someday.

I remember going to my best bud Dave’s hometown on our scoots and meeting his mom at her Amish store and having her shout out ‘There’s my Harley Boys’.

I remember the awe I felt sleeping on the North rim of the Grand Canyon.

I remember every single moment since I met my wife, Beth.

I remember the first time Kelly took me on a ride, and I thought he was going to kill me and take my scoot.

I remember how it feels to find out good friends have died, or are dying. And how much I will miss them.

In short, I hold all of these things in my heart, and therefore, wherever life takes me, I’m home. To all of my friends, past, present, future and beyond. You are all a part of my heart, and thanks to you, I am always home.

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