Leftover Meatloaf Ideas

Okay, now you’ve tried the meatloaf, and you’ve found that you have leftovers. It happens. You could just get a couple of pieces of bread, some catsup and call it done. Or you could go a little further and try something different. No need to worry or fret though, for we have the RECIPES!!! (andContinue reading “Leftover Meatloaf Ideas”

Greek “Style” Meat Loaf Dinner

This is quick and easy way to shake up “meat loaf night” a bit. I call it a Greek Style meat loaf because the seasonings used gives the meat loaf a Gyro-esque taste. And it’s mine, so I can call it what I want. 🙂 I paired it with a couple of greek side dishesContinue reading “Greek “Style” Meat Loaf Dinner”

Potato Soup for the Soul

Potato soup. Man, nothing takes me back to my childhood more than a good bowl of potato soup. I remember being like 12 or so, sledding all day and then entering my grandmother’s house and the smell…oh lord the smell. It enveloped you like a warm blanket. As I got older, I paid more attentionContinue reading “Potato Soup for the Soul”