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“Write Drunk, Edit Sober”

Intersting title, no? Many people attribute this quote to Ernest Hemingway, but as far as historians can tell, it’s not true. I love Hemingway, so who cares. It sounds like something he would have said. It should come as no surprise that I love reading. My favorite contemporary authors now are Clive Cussler, who’s main […]

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Serenity on the Tree Stand

It’s Friday afternoon and you feel the stress of the whole week hanging on you like the coat of a wet Newfoundland. You get home, cast off the crap of the week and grab your go-to pack and run out the back. Your buddy picks you up and you head to hunting camp. Finally. Once […]

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Empathy and Love

Empathy and love is sorely missing from Facebook these days, replaced instead by the constant back and forth of why this political party or that one sucks to the delight of trolls everywhere. Is it just easier to be a troll on social media? Maybe it is. Takes more effort to call someone on the […]

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Home is the Heart

Odd thing tonight. Something I’ve struggled with since I was kid, was answered in an episode of NCIS:LA when a character spoke the “Home is the Heart” line. I’ve lived in a lot of places, but I’ve never really felt what I thought was true home sickness. Why is that? Well, it’s because I’ve subconsciously […]

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Old Men, Stories and Beer. Part II

Michael “Sargent Major” Marshall passed away on Jan 3rd at the age of 71 and was laid to rest on Jan 10, 2013. During his time in the military he was awarded over 30 medals and commendations, including the Purple Heart and the Gallantry Cross (Vietnam). One of his personal crowning moments, I believe, was […]

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Magical Memory Mayhem

Hang on kids, it could be a long one. It was a hot one in Seattle today. I know, 89 does not qualify as hot compared to the rest of the country, but for us it’s frickin hot. We are not well equipped here to deal with multiple hot days. A/C is lacking in most […]

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Freedom For All

Freedom Is Not Free.  I have this tattooed on my arm. I live it. I believe it. I also believe that freedom for some is not freedom for all. This country was founded on the simple idea that all are created equal and we all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of […]

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Almost Famous

First off let me thank you all for the kind thoughts about the loss of our friend Gar. Beth, who was a part of Gar’s life from the beginning, took the event rather hard. To be honest, for me it solidified just how much I love this woman. Her compassion and empathy towards animals are […]

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Let’s Get This Straight

Okay, look. I don’t know who said that wisdom comes with age, but they lied. The only thing that came when I got older was gray hair and the inability to sleep more than 6 hours in a row without getting up to pee. I’ve decided to deal with this aging nonsense by keeping a […]

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Who Killed Folk Music?

We pull off the road, exhilarated from the ride and parched. Mouths drier than a Brit’s wit. I’m talking dry here. Kelly, Brian and I have not been on the road long, but it’s been busy. A lot of blind, off-camber turns and traffic have taken a little bit of a toll. A cold Coors […]

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