Quantity or Quality?

We all have a limited time here on Mother Earth. How do we spend that time? Does quantity trump quality? Or is it the other way around? Do we want to live a long life, or do we want to live? Whatever the answer, it is a uniquely personal one. We all need to keep this in mind. How we look at it may not be the same as our family or friends.

Most, if not all, of us have been in a position of dealing with a loved one who is dealing with a life-threatening situation. “Do whatever it takes!” “You have to think of the kids” “What would your wife (husband) do without you?” “So what if it hurts, you’ll live 6 months longer!”

When is enough, enough? Think about it. When do any of us reach that point, that enough is enough? Do we have enough money? Do we have enough life insurance? Have we reached the goals we need to reach? Did we buy a big enough house?

To answer your questions, no, I am not dealing with a fatal situation. A friend of mine is, and not his, but a member of his family. He is fighting with other family members on the correct course of action. Some agree that life has run it’s course, and that nature should be given the opportunity to do what is needed. Others believe that we have a responsibility to prolong life, no matter what the cost.

I feel for my friend. He and I have similar outlooks on this. Life is what it is. But his family feels they should be doing everything they can to keep this family member alive, even if it means they will only be “alive” in a clinical sense. So, instead of a time when family should be coming together as a whole, they are fighting as enemies. I feel for him, and I pray for him, and his family.

I have lived my whole life with a “Quality over Quantity” mantra. My living will specifies that I will be allowed to die with dignity. I smoke because I like to. I drink bourbon because I love the taste of good bourbon along with a smooth cigar. I ride my motorcycle fast because it makes me feel alive. I live for meeting new friends because I may not be around for the old ones. I treasure my old friends because I may not be around to meet new ones. In short, when I go, I want to go with the least amount of drain on my family.

This past weekend Beth and I went downtown for a getaway weekend. I’ll post reviews of the hotel and restaurants later. I’m not working. Some folks have said I was silly to waste this kind of coin on a “frivolous” weekend while I’m not working. That’s fair for someone who worries about tomorrow, and ignores today. We had a great weekend, wonderful food, and great times. I regret nothing, and given the things my friend is going through, this is nothing.

Live like today is your last day, while keeping an eye on tomorrow. Those that live with their eye on tomorrow, and nothing on today are missing a lot. Life is fleeting my friends. Putting off a trip to Italy until you retire? Take it now. Want to learn Korean? Get a book and language tape tomorrow. In short, do the things you want to do now, while you can. If you are lucky and live well into your old age, do more. You’ll never regret doing more. Only doing less.



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