America the Beautiful

Like most of America, we are getting inundated here with political ad after political ad. Seemingly nice people who are accusing each other of running this country into the ground. Republicans blame Democrats, Democrats blame Republicans, and some just go ahead and blame everyone. Some claim the problem is that our President is a pinko commie socialist of unknown parental lineage. Others claim it’s that terrorists lurk behind every shadow, just waiting to steal our way of life away. Still more claim that the government has no right to collect taxes, that it invades on peoples right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that in turn, has ruined us. (Why these same people claim it’s up to the government to pass laws on who can love who, or what god you can worship is way beyond my little brain.) Some people claim all this is Bush’s fault. Others claim Clinton started the mess when he made one on a dress. The common theme on all of it though: “It’s someone else’s fault”

I, for one, am sick and tired of that attitude. It’s time for us to stand tall and admit our own failings. Businesses, political parties, common folks like you and me. Start small. Personal accountability. Let’s start a “pay it forward” movement of accountability. If we want government out of our personal lives, we need to behave like grown adults, not 2 year olds. Let’s remove “Not me” from our vocabulary, and instead use “I made a mistake, what can I do to learn from it?” Simple accountability. Continue reading “America the Beautiful”