“Dark Delight” Sandwich – Gregor’s Pub

Recipe time kids! Today it’s a vegetarian sandwich that was inspired by Whole Earth, a little vegetarian place back in Columbus, OH. I’ve used a different spread and changed some of the ingredients, but at it’s heart it’s a “Deb’s on Black.” Simple but oh so tasty. Enjoy.

Shopping list – for a couple of sandwiches at least.

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Halibut and Scallops with Ceviche

Last Saturday was an “SiS.” Stay in Saturday. I like those kind of days because it means I get to cook and try new things. It’s been a while since we’ve had ceviche, so I headed to the market with the idea of getting “fixins” to make one, and see what else looked good for the rest of the dinner. I like to experiment with new things on these days, creating dishes based totally on what looked good in the market. As usual though, I made enough for 4, so…um…we ate twice (coughs)


Halibut Filets
Steamed in citrus juices with a pear cider reduction sauce

Gregor’s Pub Scallops
Large fresh scallops sautéed with bacon, topped with caramelized bananas and served with a coconut rum sauce

Tropical Ceviche
A squid and scallop ceviche with coconut and lychee

Roasted Asparagus Spears with Apple Wood Bacon
Roasted spears of fresh asparagus with julienned smoked bacon

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Phở Bo and Spring Rolls – Gregor’s Pub

Pho There is a Phở noodle place near work, Phở Hoa, that serves the best  Phở Tái, Nạm, Gân Sách, which is basically Phở with steak, flank, tendon and tripe. Small little bits of goodness that make me smile with “Phở joy”. Take a gray, rainy Seattle day, have a little Phở, some Thai Iced Coffee and maybe a spring roll and the gloom melts away like tendon on the tongue. Yummy.

So today I offer my own version of a Phở Bo and Spring roll. Enjoy.

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Vital Vinaigrettes

Okay kids. Nothing fancy here, just simple vinaigrette dressings. Dirt simple. 3 parts oil, 1 part vinegar, dried herbs ( basil and oregano for example). Mix herbs and vinegar, then slowly add in the oil while beating until it emulsifies.  Salt and pepper to taste. Pour over mixed salad greens and enjoy. Like I said, simple.

Ah, but why stop there? Get closer boys and girls because this is when the fun starts. Oil and vinegar is really just oil and some acidic liquid. Olive oil and Orange juice. Peanut oil and Lime ( great with Thai food). The ratio of oil to acid may change based on the sweetness levels, just experiment as you go. What’s important to remember is to taste as you go. Don’t worry if the vinaigrette breaks ( breaking here means that the emulsion separates back into oil and liquid) at this point. If you have the ratio you like but the vinaigrette keeps breaking, add just a touch of mustard, it helps hold the emulsification without destroying the flavor.

Here’s one to get you started. I came up with this one night when I couldn’t find any good looking raspberries at the market. You will notice that most of my recipes are really more like guidelines. Use them as a base to start from, and have fun with it! Continue reading “Vital Vinaigrettes”

Tasting the Wind

Before I start, let me preface this by saying this past weekend I decided to eschew all things high-tech. No laptop. No email over my phone. No text messaging. Not sure what prompted that, but there you go.

Took off early and went on a ride. It was so nice out, the smell of the azaleas was so strong I swear I could taste them. As I was headed back towards town I got behind a red Celica with a very large Yellow Lab in the back seat. She was poking her head out of the window, sniffing the wind, obviously in a state of total bliss. I was behind, sniffing the wind, also in a state of total bliss. At the next traffic light I pulled up next to the car. Yellow Lab looked at me, I smiled back, she nodded in understanding. Light turned green, she went her way and I went mine. Both back into the wind. Only bikers can truly understand why dogs like to stick their head out the window.

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Potato Soup for the Soul

Potato soup. Man, nothing takes me back to my childhood more than a good bowl of potato soup. I remember being like 12 or so, sledding all day and then entering my grandmother’s house and the smell…oh lord the smell. It enveloped you like a warm blanket. As I got older, I paid more attention to my grandmother making the soup than I did the sledding. I’m so glad I did.

Tonight I made my potato soup, and it struck me that maybe it’s time for me to share this wonderful soup. I’ve taken some liberties over the years, but I think Grandma Gregor would be proud. For my vegetarian and vegan friends, I will offer substitutions at the end. Note that I cook by feel more than “coding” it, so you may have to bear with me. Also keep in mind this makes enough soup for about 8 people.

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