Greek “Style” Meat Loaf Dinner

This is quick and easy way to shake up “meat loaf night” a bit. I call it a Greek Style meat loaf because the seasonings used gives the meat loaf a Gyro-esque taste. And it’s mine, so I can call it what I want. 🙂 I paired it with a couple of greek side dishesContinue reading “Greek “Style” Meat Loaf Dinner”

“Dark Delight” Sandwich – Gregor’s Pub

Recipe time kids! Today it’s a vegetarian sandwich that was inspired by Whole Earth, a little vegetarian place back in Columbus, OH. I’ve used a different spread and changed some of the ingredients, but at it’s heart it’s a “Deb’s on Black.” Simple but oh so tasty. Enjoy. Shopping list – for a couple ofContinue reading ““Dark Delight” Sandwich – Gregor’s Pub”

Halibut and Scallops with Ceviche

Last Saturday was an “SiS.” Stay in Saturday. I like those kind of days because it means I get to cook and try new things. It’s been a while since we’ve had ceviche, so I headed to the market with the idea of getting “fixins” to make one, and see what else looked good forContinue reading “Halibut and Scallops with Ceviche”

Phở Bo and Spring Rolls – Gregor’s Pub

There is a Phở noodle place near work, Phở Hoa, that serves the best  Phở Tái, Nạm, Gân Sách, which is basically Phở with steak, flank, tendon and tripe. Small little bits of goodness that make me smile with “Phở joy”. Take a gray, rainy Seattle day, have a little Phở, some Thai Iced CoffeeContinue reading “Phở Bo and Spring Rolls – Gregor’s Pub”

Potato Soup for the Soul

Potato soup. Man, nothing takes me back to my childhood more than a good bowl of potato soup. I remember being like 12 or so, sledding all day and then entering my grandmother’s house and the smell…oh lord the smell. It enveloped you like a warm blanket. As I got older, I paid more attentionContinue reading “Potato Soup for the Soul”