Game Day Breakfast Pizza

Beth and I love going downtown to the Sport Restaurant and Bar on football Saturdays. Number one reason is that it’s home to the Seattle Buckeye Alumni Club, and watching the Bucks in a bar full of OSU fans is a total rush. Number two reason is the food; great garlic fries, dips and pizzas. This past Saturday, however, Beth woke up feeling like crap and it was a crappy day to match, so we decided to hunker down and stay in. OSU was on national TV, so we were good to go there, but what to do about food?

I was going to just make us some scrambled eggs, but then I saw we still had some smoked salmon left and the wheels started turning. Capers? Check. Cream Cheese? Check. Pizza dough? Surprisingly enough, check! I had picked up a tube of the ready to go pizza dough a couple of days earlier. I was going to make a “Faux Beef Wellington”, but dammit, this was football man! And just like that, Gregor’s Pub Breakfast Pizza went on the menu.

I’m certainly not going to claim this as an original. I’ve had similar versions many times. In fact, the Sport Bar used to make one. This is just the way I threw it together, using what I had. The real key to this, is to make sure none of the toppings overpower the others.

Shopping list:
Pizza dough
6 eggs
Smoked Salmon
Cream Cheese
Olive Oil
Garlic powder
Melted Butter

Preheat the oven to 425 f. Whisk the eggs with just a bit of cream. Scramble over medium heat until almost done, and salt and pepper to taste. You want the eggs to be a little moist here. Set the pan off of the heat to cool a bit. Next grease a cookie sheet with Pam and spread out the dough into a rectangle. Take a pastry brush and lightly coat the dough with olive oil, then dust with garlic power. Go with your own taste here. If you feel really ambitious and love garlic, use crushed garlic. Using a couple of spoons, drop bits of the scrambled eggs over the pizza. Leave about an inch edge. Next, crumble the smoked salmon over all. Note: Use a mild alder wood smoked salmon. You don’t want to use peppered or “King Candy” style. While incredibly tasty, it will be just too over-powering for this. Now, using two teaspoons again, drop bits of cream cheese onto the pizza. You want to make sure that each piece of pizza will have all 3 ingredients in each bite. Finally sprinkle rinsed and drained capers over the lot and brush the crust edge with melted butter. Make sure you rinse and drain the capers, otherwise they will really smack you in the face. Put in the oven and bake on an upper rack until the crust is golden, should take about 8-12 minutes. Remove, let cool for a couple, then slice and dig in!

This really turned out to be a great way to have breakfast, and would also make a killer appetizer or munchy. Just make sure that you don’t let any one ingredient take center stage. Leave that to the players.



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