Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Back in Aug, ‘08 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Also known as Adult Onset, it’s the diabetes that in most cases doesn’t need to be. It’s caused mainly by diet, although other factors, like genetic predisposition can contribute. It can be controlled by diet, and in some cases oral medication. Bottom line, there is a problem with the cells response to insulin, which is different than type one, which is a problem with the production of insulin. Left unchecked, it can cause renal failure, blindness, heart failure, etc. Normal Glucose levels are around 100. I averaged 300-350 for a week prior to starting medication, and now hover around an average of 150-200.

What the hell does all this mean? First off, it means I’m overweight, and it’s time to face that fact. I also enjoy the fruit of the vine, and that needs to cut back. Bottom line, I am the Ghost of Christmas Past, and if I want to live longer than my next pair of underwear, I need to slow it down. Plain and simple and ….well not so simple.

See, the issue here is I believe as strongly in the quality of life as I do in the quantity of it. Maybe even more so to be honest. Hell, when I was in the Navy, I honestly thought I’d never make it to 40. I remember sitting in the Reactor Compartment fixing some detectors thinking to myself, “self, you ain’t makin it to 40 son.” And yet, here I am nearing 50. Gads.

Okay, so let’s get to the nitty gritty here. What does this mean to the loyal 2 readers of this blog? Not a damn thing. Well, I may start throwing in a “Diabetes Friendly” version of some of the recipes, and I may talk from time to time about my own battles. But for now, I’m taking my pills, watching my sugar levels, and still leaning towards quality of life.

Moose out.

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