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Couple of years ago I traded in my 2014 Street Glide for an ’18 Heritage Classic. Love the scoot and I’ll post a long overdue writeup soon. One of the things I missed, however, was my tunes. Man, I dig the sound of a big ol’ Harley motor as much as the next gear head, but for long rides nothing beats being able to bring my mystical motorcycle music along for the ride.

I looked into sound-bars, but didn’t care for the look. Speakers were an option, but where to mount the amp? Singing is always a possibility, but then I swallow too many bugs and get too full to eat my burger. What to do, what to do.

Then I happened to stumble onto Cardo Systems online. They make a ton of communication units for bikers to mountain climbers. They all looked okay, but man, one thing I don’t like while riding is folks yappin’ in my ears. Steppenwolf letting me know I was ‘Born to be Wild’ is fine. Getting a call from someone asking me if I’ve ever considered cremation is not. Aside from being creepy, it’s distracting so I’ve stayed away from these units in the past.

Freecom 4+ Communications unitThen I read about the Cardo Freecom 4+. Yes, it still allows the yapping but I was really missing my tunes. So I gave it a try and boy am I ever glad I did. It fits perfect in my Scorpion modular AT950. I live in a mandatory lid state, and I’m fine with wearing one. I’m not fine with being told I must wear one, however that is a topic for another day. Rambling mode off. 

Back to the Freecom 4+. Voice activated so you never have to push a button once it’s on. “Hey Cardo, music on” starts the music flowing from my paired iPhone. It also works with Siri so, “Hey Siri, play playlist Rockabilly” starts me grooving to the sweet sounds of Imelda May. Love it. I can start a call, take a call, find out the time, directions, even order a beer (not really). Basically if you can do it on your paired phone, you can do it with this unit. On your scoot. On the road. Hands free. And along with all this wizardry, the sound quality is great to boot. I can hear the angst in Johnny Cash’s voice on Hurt and I can pick out the dogs on Pink Floyd’s Animals. Is it as good as my home stereo in my den? Hell no. But then my den can’t take me up over the pass on a beautiful summer day with John Denver along for the ride. Works for me.

On a side note, I also picked up a Sena Calvary Lite half-helmet that works amazingly well. I’ll review that in a later post.

Rubber side down peeps,


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