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Why do we name our bikes?

  Why do we name our bikes? Or for that matter, our cars, boats, or snowmobiles. You name the vehicle and someone has given it a name. My friend Merv, RIP, had an orange custom he called Tigger. All over Columbus people knew Tigger and knew that it was Merv’s scoot. I had a chance […]

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Merry Christmas!!

To all my friends past, present and future. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! *Card curtesy of Easy Riders

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Ride With The Devil’s Daughters

I’m going to start up a new ‘feature’ of this blog. Earlier I posted my review of a Cardo Freecom 4+, so I figured I should force my musical tastes on y’all as well (grin). First up is a kick-ass rockabilly self-titled album from a group called The Devil’s Daughters. Now the cats that make […]

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Mystical Motorcycle Music

Couple of years ago I traded in my 2014 Street Glide for an ’18 Heritage Classic. Love the scoot and I’ll post a long overdue writeup soon. One of the things I missed, however, was my tunes. Man, I dig the sound of a big ol’ Harley motor as much as the next gear head, […]

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Old Bikes Never Die

Unfortunately, old bikers do. RIP man, RIP.

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Biker Bros

My bro Dave from back in Ohio posted this and I felt it needed posting here. I’ve added and deleted a couple of lines but the meaning still rings true. To all my bros, both Biker and Non-Riding ones:

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A Biker Looks at 50

Let me start off with apologies to Jimmy Buffet for mucking with his song title. I love “A Pirate Looks at 40” and if I didn’t know better, I’d swear he wrote that damn song about me. I’ve always been drawn to the ocean, I’ve made some money, and I’ve pissed it away pretty damn […]

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