Ride With The Devil’s Daughters

I’m going to start up a new ‘feature’ of this blog. Earlier I posted my review of a Cardo Freecom 4+, so I figured I should force my musical tastes on y’all as well (grin).

The Devil's Daughters Album CoverFirst up is a kick-ass rockabilly self-titled album from a group called The Devil’s Daughters. Now the cats that make up this group ain’t new, in fact they all have been making killer tunes for quite some time. Their sound is pure rockabilly with a bluesy twist that really helps the miles on those boring freeway stretches fly by.

The Members

The Devil’s Daughters has 3 members, utilizing studio cats to fill in where needed. First up is the guitar of the group and I suppose the “Devil”, Danny B Harvey. This dude can flat out make a guitar wail, man. Great sound that he has cultivated over many years of playing with the band Headcat as well as with folks like Wanda Jackson, The Rockcats, and more. Love his sound.

The “Daughter’s” of the group are killer, just killer, with smoky, gritty, in-your-face-vocal stylings that just fit this genre so well. First up, Annie Marie Lewis is no stranger to rockabilly as her uncle is Jerry Lee Lewis. Her first touring gig, at 19 no less, was singing backup for Van Morrison. I can only image the sing-alongs at family gatherings!

Next up for the “Daughter’s” is Mysti Moon. She may not have a famous uncle, but man does she sound like she was born for this. She started as a solo artist while still in high school as well as a back-up singer for Artimus Pyle. Chops? She’s got them, man. Just awesome.

The Album

It’s got a great spread of tunes from Mr. Hoodoo (Which if it doesn’t get your toes a tappin’ better check yer pulse) to the killer ballad Just One Day (a great belly rubbing dance song, just wait until you are off the scoot). In all honestly, I didn’t find one stinker on it. You mileage may vary of course, but I don’t care. I love this! Check out their Facebook page for more info.

So, to wrap it up, download this album to your player of choice asap. Get yer scoot fitted for jams, and then take the Devil’s Daughters on your next ride. Just be careful of speed traps because the driving beat of “Pedal to the Medal” will get yer wrist a twisting.

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