Oregon Coast Weekend

This past weekend, Beth and I headed out for a long weekend. Destination this time was…south. No real plans other than to just get out of town for a while. I’m a firm believer in taking little trips here and there. Like a warm snifter of B&B on a cold night, it’s good for the soul.

So somewhere around noon on Friday, we head south. I-5 is a royal PIA as always, but traffic seemed to let up a little once we got past Tukwila, and before we knew it we were past the Tacoma dome and movin’ fast. I swear that when we take these trips our car acts like a puppy just let out of the house. It so rarely gets to go any faster than 40 or so that when we hit 70 I can almost hear it yip. Continue reading “Oregon Coast Weekend”

The Three Lions Pub

Pints As I enter The Three Lions Pub in Redmond, Wa, I’m greeted with a rousing “Hiya Gregor!” Alvia or Janie begin a pour of my customary Boddingtons (or London Porter if I’m of the mood) as I settle into my stool. Manchester United is deep in it’s match against Chelsea, and both clubs are well represented in the pub. Fred, Alvia’s dad, comes over and sits next to me, and we pick up a conversation started weeks ago. A warmth washes over me like a down comforter on a winter Northwest day…I’m home.

What is it about a local pub that makes one feel wanted, needed, loved even? I love this place. I know about most of the goings on, not because I’m nosey, but because I’m now family. “Family” in the true Pub sense of the word. A home away from home. In this home, the smells of Curry Pasty, Fish and Chips and a damn fine Steak and Kidney Pie waft in from the side. They engulf a body like a hug from one’s Grandma. Idle chit chat around the bar reminds me of family car outings, so many voices chatting at once that they become a calming low drone….then Janie drops a mug and I’m jerked out of my daydream.

Continue reading “The Three Lions Pub”