Crabs and Cruise Ships

One of the great joys of having friends and family visit is having the opportunity to show off what a truly great city we live in. Unfortunately, one of the great pains of having friends and family visit in the summer is that the city is frickin’ up to it’s proverbial neck in tourists. EveryContinue reading “Crabs and Cruise Ships”

Pesto Flat Iron Steak

How many times has this happened to you? You get home after work and remember you have nothing in the fridge. Or maybe you stop at a watering hole for happy hour and end up inviting half the bar over for a party, even though you haven’t been to the grocery for days. It’s happenedContinue reading “Pesto Flat Iron Steak”

It Tastes of Chicken!

I’m really torn by this report in Time Magazine. It’s an article about a new process to create fake chicken out of soy protein powder. According to the article the process involves mixing soy protein powder, wheat flour and water. It’s then processed at a particular temperature and viola, goop that has the texture ofContinue reading “It Tastes of Chicken!”

Dinner at the McMurtrey’s

Last night Beth and I had the pleasure of dining at the home of our friends, Kelly and Lisa. They have a lovely home not too far from where we live. Kelly took the original house down to it’s foundation and rebuilt it himself. He has landscaped the yard, complete with pond, into a showcaseContinue reading “Dinner at the McMurtrey’s”

Pacific Cod with Grapefruit and Avocado

Okay, I’ve been off on a bit of a rant lately, so I figured it’s time to get back to the core of what this blog should be about. Not to mention that Valentine’s Day is soon upon us, and this works great as an easy dinner for 2. So today I give you anotherContinue reading “Pacific Cod with Grapefruit and Avocado”

Quantity or Quality?

We all have a limited time here on Mother Earth. How do we spend that time? Does quantity trump quality? Or is it the other way around? Do we want to live a long life, or do we want to live? Whatever the answer, it is a uniquely personal one. We all need to keepContinue reading “Quantity or Quality?”

William & Jo – A Wedding Story

Instead of the normal rants, recipes and reviews that usually appear here, I’ve decided to write about a wedding Beth and I attended this past Thursday. William and Jo are 2 friends of ours that live out here in Seattle. William I’ve known for over 15 years now. We just met Jo a couple ofContinue reading “William & Jo – A Wedding Story”

Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Back in Aug, ‘08 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Also known as Adult Onset, it’s the diabetes that in most cases doesn’t need to be. It’s caused mainly by diet, although other factors, like genetic predisposition can contribute. It can be controlled by diet, and in some cases oral medication. Bottom line, thereContinue reading “Living with Type 2 Diabetes”